Guest lecture at Interface Cultures in Linz, AT

Relational marginalities? Media art and the grounding inequality-conviviality relationships in Latin America

18. January 2022, 12.15pm – 1.15pm ONLINE via MSTeams*

Interface Cultures invites to Alumni Guest Lecture by Dr. phil. Graziele Lautenschlaeger


Although it may sound reductionist in a complex and globalized world to define a geographic/regional frame to address art production, the contemporary art world (institutions and curators) has given more and more attention to artists and artworks from non-hegemonic regions, especially due to the historical representation debt left by centuries of colonialism. However, in the same globalized world, how do Latin American media artists and artworks play their roles? Considering the existence of Latin American attributes is not a form of discrimination? Is it possible to demolish the north-south/center-periphery dichotomies in order to foster imaginary variability? From dissimilar subjects of interest to infrastructural differences, one can observe a conviviality-inequality correlation within Latin American media art production in relation to hegemonic production. Given the paradoxical position of Latin American media artists in the international context, there are at least three main intertwined threads one can address to discuss the correlation conviviality-inequality from the media art perspective: (1) posthumanism, (2) knowledge and technological asymmetries, (3) identities among local cultures and global trends – and specific questions arise from each of them. Through the presentation of media artists and artworks examples, this lecture is an invitation for us to reflect upon the engines of the fundamental conviviality-inequality relationships in Latin America.

The talk will take place online on Microsoft Teams.
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