caring matters . who cares | June 2023 @ WHA Gallery | Linz, Austria.
The exhibition addresses the paradigm shift in understanding reproduction and care work, especially in the context of motherhood and parenting. It stresses the significance of acknowledging human reproduction as labor and handling the connected injustices. The exhibition focused on knowledge production and sharing as a means of empowerment and domination. A varied group of artists illuminates the intricate nature of parenting, covering a wide range of dynamics and relationships, spanning the physical details of pregnancy to the social and cultural ramifications.

Mit dir | Dec 2017 @ COJE | Berlin, Germany
As artists present difficulties in separating art from life, Graziele Lautenschlaeger turned her wedding celebration in an art exhibition, featuring artworks and performances created by the couple’s network. “Mit dir” is a reference to the event itself a symbolic act that celebrates a connection. Like taken from a kitschy pop song we are carried away. With no command we are heading towards the unknown, being hijacked into the diversity of the net from Graziele and Jörg. A net that we at last belong to, too.

In collaboration with the curator Daniela Wageneder-Stelzhammer and the artists Aline Martinez, Caterina Hering Reneaux, Chiara Esposito, Fabrizio Poltronieri, Thiago Hersan, Helmut Breineder, Lígia Milagres, Michele Martins, Pauline Vierne, Pedro Henrique Risse e Phoebe Dahmen-Wassenberg, Sandra Portmann, Tatiane Heide, Tiago Martins, Xica Lisboa and guests: Mercela Reichelt and Pauline Payen.


Mostra Sesc de Artes 2012 | Media Art program | SESC SP São Paulo, Brazil

For the Media Art schedule of Mostra Sesc de Artes 2012, the curatorial team has focused on works in which are perceived “manual” traits, apparent structures and open processes.   When the craftsmanship is done within the technical images, it is necessary to revise the understanding of the idea of manipulation, which expands to the sense of transformation, experimentation, and even the attribution of meaning.   Work sets with the look towards the “craft” experiments guided within the media supports, electronic circuits and programming code, and that range between abstract and concrete in the History of Media Art.   The presented collection investigated and brought together works that deal with aspects already confined in a media tradition, that question, subvert or appropriate the production of media of images and sounds as raw material. The adopted curatorial route eventually assign a media-archaeological approach to the set of selected works, not presenting a supposed movement of transgression, but the organization of a set of works in dialogue in the historical process.

Ruas e redes (Streets and networks) was a project developed at Sesc Ipiranga between 2012 and 2013. The project aimed to present an approach to Digital Culture that revealed computers and data processing beyond desktop metaphors and their derivatives.  It was programmed artworks, workshops and other activities related to mobile and locative media, promoting discussions on the relationships between digital media, mobility and public spaces.

Virada virada (Virada Cultural 2012) @ SESC Ipiranga | São Paulo, Brazil
Revirada fatal #13 (Virada Cultural 2013) @ SESC Ipiranga | São Paulo, Brazil
Performapa @ SESC Ipiranga | São Paulo, Brazil
@ SESC Ipiranga | São Paulo, Brazil