Re_selfing (2023)
9 customised loudspeakers, amplifiers, microcontroller, relay module, 1 light-bulb, 1 audio interface, computer, corresponding cables

The piece addresses the challenging nine stages related to gestating and giving birth – 9 months and 9 cm of dilatation. It is assembled as a spiral of loudspeakers with proportional increase in size, and the last station is a lamp, which blinks according to the coincidences of mother and baby’s heart beat frequencies. The soundscape evolves from these coincidences, providing in each station an atmosphere of the corresponding gestational month. It integrates the Binômio series of aesthetic experiments on the mother-offspring bondings, which envisions interlacing material and symbolic relationships of affection, intimate and universal aspects, frictioning subjects, organic and machinic elements.

Abstracted placenta (2023)
sculpture in glass, microcontroller, 2 warm white leds, power supply

A luminous sculpture as an homage to the artists´ forgotten placenta at the hospital, so as to the uncountable wasted ones by medical teams. The piece displays the changes from the glycemic control values, systematically collected by the artist in the week when she discovered she had gestational diabetes. It suggests the placenta as an interface organ between the pregnant body and the baby, as a sort of data visualisation of the complex regulation capacity of the organ, which despite its ephemeral life, undertakes the whole responsibility during the mother-baby bonding process. As a self-regulated organ, the placenta is considered to have its own “consciousness”, characteristic suggested by the pulsing light animating the glass piece, whose shape also remembers a jellyfish.

Binômio: coincidir (2021)
software art

This piece integrates an investigative process on non-trivial dialogues with my daughter since she was in my belly. Written with Processing in Python mode, it features the visualization of the coincidences between the different frequency spectra of our heartbeats.

Trinômio (2021)
software art

The piece features the visualization of the coincidences of three different frequency spectra of heartbeats of people sharing a home. By abstracting the subjects, it reviews the notion of tradicional family portraits and their corresponding stereotypes.

coCriar_coMover (2020)
software art

Untitled (2019)
software art

Departing from Ferreira Gullar’s poem Traduzir-se, it is a translation machine that explores words, images and sounds of data banks and trained models, demonstrating the inability of the machine to translate poetry.

Escuta ativa (2019)
the third module of the Escuta Ativa project, carried out with deaf students. A transdisciplinary challenge involving introductory training activities in the areas of physical computing, data visualization and sound, as well as body expression. The activities fueled the development, in parallel, of an audiovisual instrument that, using data from an accelerometer,
simultaneously generates images and sounds, as well as changes the luminous patterns of the LED ring attached to the end. How to make and enjoy music for the eyes, for the hands, for the whole body?

Have you met Mr. Glanville? (2018)
an intervention and homage to the English cybernetician Ranulph Glanville, to be collaboratively performed by the participants of the ASC Conference
in Chicago. By means of circular and self-organizing regulation, the project explores cybernetic principles while turning tangible the resonance of Glanville’s thought among the cybernetic community, preparing the terrain for self-understanding and self-criticism
processes among the participants.

Self-portrait of absence (2016)
performance, umbrella, loudspeakers, customised eye-tracking system, special costume

participative performance based on the partial visual impairment of the artist, who has a blind eye.

Where the memory of your kisses is not visual (2016)
video-performance, 3’20” (conception, performance, video and audio editing)

Módulo Condutivo Pentatônico Ressonante (2013)
site-specific installation

Escalas (2006)

O Mistério da TV (fiction, 40 ́, 2006) Screenplay, direction, photography and casting direction.

II Encontro de Mulheres Xinguanas (documentary, 43 ́, 2006) Video editing.

Relationship (videoclip, 5 ́, 2004) Direction of photography.

Sobre a Janela da Alma (animation, 1´10” 2004) Poetry, screenplay, direction and sound edition.

Seleta Coletiva (documentary, 2004) Animation/motion design.

Borrachinha e Danúbio Azul (short-video ad, 30” each, 2004) Direction, video editing.

Pescaria (animation, 2’38’’, 2003) Screenplay, direction, production, photography, edition.

O Homem Sem Sorte (fiction, 8’15”, 2003) Executive producer and video editor.

Multiplixidade (animation, 3’24”, 2003) Screenplay, direction, animation and sound editor.

Linha Cruzada (fiction, 8 ́, 2003) Sound assistance.

Roleta Russa (fiction, 11’, 2003) Direction, video and audio editing.

Conversation Inside Seline ́s Bedroom (fiction, 15’10”, 2003) 2nd direction assistance, casting and set production.

Gilda & Gilberto (animation, 5’, AnimaMundi 2003) Production assistance.

Era Uma Vez (animation, 1’, 2002) Screenplay and video edition.

A Guerra dos Sexos (video-collage, 3’, 2002) Screenplay, direction, video and sound edition.

Logo o Dia Vai Raiar, Minha Noite (video art, 1’10”, 2002) Screenplay, direction, art direction, photography.

If you are interested to know more technical and/or conceptual details of a specific project, please do not hesitate to contact me.