De Novo, Ercília


in collaboration with Rita Wu


De Novo, Ercília (Once again, Ercília) is an interactive sound installation that invites visitors to walk through it trying different body patterns by the interaction with a structure full of elastic strings. Each string refers to a specific urban relationship. In the book “Invisible Cities” Italo Calvino quotes Ercilia, a city where wires are extended between people and things as metaphors of their relationships. Aiming a more regular and complex city, from time to time Ercilia is abandoned by its inhabitants and reassembled elsewhere.

Regarding the similarity of this story with aspects of urban development and human existence, De Novo, Ercilia is a travelling project, that becomes site-specific in the new context where it is assembled. The first version of Ercilia was Sao Paulo. In the opening at MIS – Museu da Imagem e Som, the Brazilian artist Eduardo Fukushima was invited to perform.

2012: Mostra LABMIS 2011 – Museu da Imagem e do Som | São Paulo, Brazil
2012: Geheime Dimension | Salzamt Atelierhaus | Linz, Austria 2013: FILE Games Rio “Game Lover” | Oi Futuro | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2013: FILE Casino | Sesc Quitandinha | Petrópolis, Brazil

Eduardo Fukushima performing in the opening at MIS (Museu da Imagem e do Som)

Acknowledgment to other collaborators: Fernando Iazetta, Adriano Mattos, Radamés Ajna, André Damião, Eduardo Fukushima and Daniela Kutschat.




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