Mit dir

Collaborative exhibition @ COJE Berlin | 11.Dec 2017



Mit dir is a reference to the event itself a symbolic act that celebrates a connection. Like taken from a kitschy pop song we are carried away. With no command we are heading towards the unknown, being hijacked into the diversity of the net from Graziele and Jörg. A net that we at last belong to, too.



Curator, based in Vienna. She’s a researcher in media culture theory and art theory.



is a new media artist and fashion designer, working mainly with e-textiles and electronic circuits in soft materials.

Codes in Motion (2017)

A multi-usage wearable platform that translates motion into electrical signals. In this edition the artist collaborated with walidvb creating a networked collaborative work. Each viewer (guest) participates in shaping an abstract form.

Zusammen- (2017) in collaboration with Graziele Lautenschlaeger

The bride’s dress is personalized according to the connections and interactions among the guests during the wedding cellebration.



is a prototype artist, currently studying fine arts at UdK and once before a fashion, a costume, a graphic designer and an enterpriser for oder kind of deeds.

Future Remainings of an Eternal Love (2017)

A sculpture prototype part of the current project Poetics of Leftovers, an allegorical experiment which turns ruins into sources of reinvention, as an attempt to rescue moving tangible memories from heading towards a nostalgic terminal retirement.


:: Chiara ESPOSITO

I work with sound, generative videos, plants and movement. My projects are often data driven, inspired by biology or improvised music.

Domes (2016)

The Domes are interactive sound sculptures made out of ceramic. Their metallic glaze, a traditional decoration technique, works as a sensing element. The sculpture senses the touch of the visitor and reacts by resonating.

Sumi-E (2013)

A generative video exploring recursion inspired by the materiality of painting.



is a computer artist, researcher and curator with international experience and a special interest in the relationships between Art, Digital Media, Gamification, Design and Technology.

Zeus (2017)

is part of “Visual Theogonies”, a series of algorithmic images which have no external index, i.e. are the result of pure random mathematical manipulation of a given set of data contained within the computer memory.



is a media artist and researcher, interested in exchanges of knowledge and experiences. Due to her difficulties to separate life and art, she has decided to turn her wedding party into an art exhibition. Bem-vindos! Welcome! Herzlich Willkommen! <3 <3 <3

Where the memory of your kisses is not visual (2016)

is an exercise on the failed search for measuring affection in which I stamp my own body with Thiago HERSANs kiss mold in every part I am able to see with my left and seeing eye.

Self-portrait of an absence (2016) (video documentation of performance)

is an exercise on playing in between the abstract and concrete worlds of codes and materialities. The project consists of an eye-tracking system programmed to generate and process sounds according to data generated from the asynchronous movements of artist’s eyes.



is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Berlin, working as an Art Director and Motion Designer besides developing personal projects and teaching animation at BTK University of Art and Design.

Selected short films (2016, 2017)

Pheromone is an animated short film about a fictive experiment on the behavioral effects of high pheromone dosages with worms.

Porter Des Choses is an animated short film presenting a surreal fashion show.

Pheromone 2 – The aftermath



is an urban researcher who likes to explore through drawings the intersection of existing and imaginary everyday spaces and the subject of self-organization in the city.

Recent drawings (2017)

Explorations on possibilities of occupation and transformation of spaces, abandoned buildings and apparently inhospitable landscapes.


:: Michele MARTINS

is studying photography at Ostkreuzschule Berlin. Currently she is investigating human relations within urban spaces.

Bundeskanzleramt (2017)


:: Pauline VIERNE

Pauline completed an MA in Innovative Textiles at ENSAAMA, Paris, and works as an e-textile researcher at the Design Research Lab, UdK since 2014.

La Mère (2016) performance together with the Harvesting Textile group

Over the period of 4 days we developed samples of new materials combining textile techniques, technology and nature.


:: Pedro Henrique RISSE + Phoebe DAHMEN-WASSENBERG

Pedro is a filmmaker and artist. Phoebe is psychologist and dancer and on her way to become body-psychotherapist. Together, we merge different perspectives on aesthetic experiencing.

A somatic intervention  (11.12.2017)

We invite the corpo-realities into our network. A somatic intervention to do together.


:: Sandra PORTMANN
Social Worker. Feminist. No considerable education or success.

Mein Morgen (2017)

a text, read out loud, on what I do on an everyday morning from 5:30 to 7am at home.

Elternvertretung (2017)

a WhatsApp group conversation about the upcoming autumn fest at the KiTa, slam poeticly revisited.


:: Tatiana HEIDE

is an actress and writer graduated by Escola de Arte Dramática de São Paulo. In Berlin, she took part in independent works as well as in collaborations with Heimathafen Neukölln.

Reading action about love (2017)

Considering the context of a marriage, what would be judged as a sober love relation? What defines the romantic love and the non romantic love? Is marriage a trap or a pathway? By poem reading, the artist will play with the contemporary concept of love and relationship.


:: Tiago MARTINS

may best be described as an interdisciplinary creative technologist. He combines a background in Computer Science with creative practice, teaching and research experience in interaction design and interactive art.

Rule #1 (2015)

A playful, bittersweet meditation. Participants are invited to build a structure using a toy construction set.

Syncretism (2015) together with Andrej Uduc (SI)

An interactive installation that uses the movement of visitors to mix together images of altars, shrines and places of worship, gathered through friends from around the world.


:: Thiago HERSAN

used to design circuits, now, he is more interested in exploring non-traditional uses of technology and their cultural affects.


XOXOXOLOLOLOL is a project of projects; an exploration into the possibilities of post-internet connection, communication and affection. it began as a kind of mail art game, and evolved into an analog network for sharing videos, images and other objects.



is interested in art and somatic practices as a possibility of distinguished use of time and space within the reality in which we live, regarding subjects such as attention, relation and care.


.: Marcela REICHELT is a dancer with vast experience as performer and creator. She currently experiences a reencounter with her dancing body after motherhood, while at the same time gestating her second child.


.: Pauline PAYEN is a performer and visual artist graduating from MA SODA in HZT. She is interested in how human beings deal with the image of themselves, in relation to the actuality of their bodies.


Melt (2017)

Research in progress.