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On the events I participate (conferences, festivals, lectures, etc) and have something to comment.

Cinema Apesar da Imagem

Book launch at Da Haus in Apr, 28th 2016. Printed copy available at the publisher’s online shop: Intermeios. My contribution is a chapter titled Entre sensores e sentidos: sobre a materialidade da comunicação na Artemídia. (Between sensors and senses: on the materiality of communication in Media Art). “Cinema apesar da imagem problematiza as telas, justamente as telas, tão presentes e afirmativas de seu formato mais…

Conversation pieces @ Transmediale 2016

transmediale/ conversationpiece 03.-07.02.2016 HKW   Audio streaming of the Excessive Research session on Thursday 04.02.2016. The videos below are parts of the conversation with the artist Lyndsay Mann at the Excessive Research session. Thank you Andre K for documenting it. Take a look also at the publication of A PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL ABOUT / EXCESSIVE RESEARCH.

Besides the Screen 2014

At Besides the Screen 2014 (São Paulo and Vitória, Brazil) my participation included a lecture, a workshop and a chapter in the book Cinema apesar da imagem. My text relates the sensing phenomena and the materiality of communication in Media Art. Video documentation of the lecture in Vitória is available online: