Módulo Condutivo Pentatônico Ressonante

2013 | @Sesc Ipiranga

In collaboration with Projeto Curumim (Sesc Ipiranga), Marcelo Badari, Radamés Ajna e Edgar Zanella Alvarenga.

An elevator customized as a path through the imaginary of a group of children. Drafts, ideas and sounds suggests to the passers-by a soundscape to be enjoyed along their movement in between concrete and symbolic floors.

Projeto Curumim is program of non-formal education addressed for children between 7 and 12 years old, permanently conducted at the Brazilian cultural institution SESC SP. The program aims the integral development of children by means of cultural and educative activities in their leisure time, which range from artistic, socio-environmental, promotion of health citizenship and socialization.

While working at Sesc Ipiranga in 2013, in partnership with the Curumim instructors, I offered a workshop stimulating the children to think about the principle of a button and how many shapes they could invent for it, suggesting them to play with the several spaces of the cultural center.

Mixing the results of the workshops conducted with the group along the first semester of 2013, the creative team together with the children developed a cross-disciplinary intervention in the public elevator of Sesc Ipiranga, the interactive installation Módulo Condutivo Pentatônico Ressonante. 

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Test with the buttons during set up.

Code documentation at Github.