Long Distance Voodoo



Long Distance Voodoo aimed the connection and interaction in three instances of public spaces: a square in Belo Horizonte (Praça Raul Soares), a street in Berlin (Oderberger Straße) and the Internet.
By manipulating a voodoo doll, the Berlin audience could physically stimulate one of the performers of a Contact and Improvisation group dancing in Belo Horizonte. In this contemporary dance approach, the performers start their improvised movements when they are “touched” by another component of the group. In this case, the idea was to remotely touch one of the dancers, causing movements within the whole group.

The exchanges between the participants in Berlin and Belo Horizonte were mediated by video projections in real time, so that participants could have the feedback of the remote space, in a continuous process of exchange.
The name “Long DistanceVoodoo” refers to the remote communication and the possibility of triggering processes, generating interferences and intervene in situations where there is no absolute control.

2011: Praça Raul Soares, Belo Horizonte, Brazil | Oderberger Straße, Berlin, Germany