By using a torch the interactor could control a video projection in real time. Vertical movements allowed participants to access different scales, from groups of galaxies to the nanometric universe. At the same time, in the torch’s horizontal range the interactor could navigate through contents in their correspondent scales. On the right side of this “imaginary cartesian axis”, the contents relate to human constructions; and on the left, to nature.
When the human scale is achieved, the image of a second interactor popped in the projection up. Through a theremin this second interactor could control the sound volume and the colors of the projected image.

The same information from the vertical variation of the lantern was sent to computer terminals, where people could interact with other contents related to the different scales. They presented transdisciplinary approach addressed to everyday life experiences. The idea was to trigger critical thinking and instigate the curiosity of people, encouraging them to search different and new sources of knowledge.

2007: Science and Technology National Week. Coronel Salles Square | São Carlos, SP, Brazil
2007: 1st Contato – Multimedia Festival: Radio, TV, Cinema and Media Art | São Carlos, SP, Brazil