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Information about the teaching-learning activities I developed in different contexts as lecturer or facilitator

Where are the media artist mothers?

To a certain extent, it is possible to deduce that the absence of motherhood as a topic in media art field mirrors the gender based technological gap of the field experienced until today. Aiming to dig into this problem, the project Where are media artist mothers? comprises a series of initiatives. The very first of them is an online survey…

Guest lecture at Interface Cultures in Linz, AT

Relational marginalities? Media art and the grounding inequality-conviviality relationships in Latin America 18. January 2022, 12.15pm – 1.15pm ONLINE via MSTeams* Interface Cultures invites to Alumni Guest Lecture by Dr. phil. Graziele Lautenschlaeger   Although it may sound reductionist in a complex and globalized world to define a geographic/regional frame to address art production, the contemporary art world (institutions and…

Projeto Canteiro: curso de extensão na UFPR

Por meio do projeto de extensão da Universidade Federal do Paraná chamado Canteiro – que trabalha na interface entre corpo, arte e educação – ofereço nos dias 14, 16 e 18 de junho o curso Artemídia como Transcrição. Os três encontros se configuram como uma introdução aos elementos técnico-estéticos fundamentais para a criação de sistemas performativos com mídias eletrônico-digitais. A…

DIYBio Now at Art Laboratory Berlin

At the Art Laboratory Berlin, between February 17th and 19th, 2017 there will be the DIYBio Now, a fair for Biology enthusiasts, organized by the Biotinkering Berlin. In the occasion I am going start a new art project, called Plants lasting memories, in collaboration with the italian biologist Alessandro Volpato, who is developing a DIY-Spectrophotogram. Plants lasting memories is a display…

Conversation pieces @ Transmediale 2016

transmediale/ conversationpiece 03.-07.02.2016 HKW   Audio streaming of the Excessive Research session on Thursday 04.02.2016. The videos below are parts of the conversation with the artist Lyndsay Mann at the Excessive Research session. Thank you Andre K for documenting it. Take a look also at the publication of A PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL ABOUT / EXCESSIVE RESEARCH.

Besides the Screen 2014

At Besides the Screen 2014 (São Paulo and Vitória, Brazil) my participation included a lecture, a workshop and a chapter in the book Cinema apesar da imagem. My text relates the sensing phenomena and the materiality of communication in Media Art. Video documentation of the lecture in Vitória is available online: