Where the memory of your kisses is not visual
(video-performance, 3’20”, 2016)
Conception, performance, video and audio editing.

O Mistério da TV (fiction, 40 ́, 2006) Screenplay, direction, photography and casting direction.

II Encontro de Mulheres Xinguanas (documentary, 43 ́, 2006)
Video editing.

Relationship (videoclip, 5 ́, 2004)
Direction of photography.

Sobre a Janela da Alma (animation, 1 ́10” 2004)
Poetry, screenplay, direction and sound edition.

Seleta Coletiva (documentary, 2004)

Borrachinha e Danúbio Azul (short-video ad, 30” each, 2004) Direction, video editing.

(animation, 2’38’’, 2003) Screenplay, direction, production, photography, edition.

O Homem Sem Sorte (fiction, 8’15”, 2003)
Executive producer and video editor.

Multiplixidade (animation, 3’24”, 2003)
Screenplay, direction, animation and sound editor.

Linha Cruzada (fiction, 8 ́, 2003)
Sound assistance.

Roleta Russa (fiction, 11’, 2003)
Direction, video and audio editing.

Conversation Inside Seline ́s Bedroom (fiction, 15’10”, 2003)
2nd direction assistance, casting and set production.

Gilda & Gilberto (animation, 5’, AnimaMundi 2003)
Production assistance.

Era Uma Vez (animation, 1’, 2002)
Screenplay and video edition.

A Guerra dos Sexos (video-collage, 3’, 2002)
Screenplay, direction, video and sound edition.

Logo o Dia Vai Raiar, Minha Noite (video art, 1’10”, 2002) Screenplay, direction, art direction, photography.

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